Hi. I’m Karissa and I so get it...I’m single too!

I grew up in church, have never been married, and am basically the walking statistic of the 20-something turned 30-something Christian woman who can’t land a man because: men aren’t in church and need to man up, or women are eating their feelings and need to slim down, or my youth group did one too many Bible studies on courtship and I have unrealistic expectations of dating, or whatever other reason is trending in Christian media right now.

After spending far too much of my adulthood waiting, praying, and preparing for a marriage that hasn’t come along (aaand after the quarter-life-crisis that resulted from living that way)

I have found freedom in the realization that being single doesn’t have to mean putting my life on hold.

Speaking from my sometimes heart-breaking, often humorous, and frequently bumbling journey to a 30-something’s radical self-acceptance and revelation of God’s love, I’m on a mission to shift the way Christians view and experience singleness. After all, the abundant life Jesus modelled and calls us to is about more than a grin-and-bear it chastity, or pre-marriage boot camp.


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