A theology of singleness that isn’t looking for its cure

You’ve heard it all:

“Save sex for marriage,” “pray for a spouse,” “God will send you someone when you’re ready,” “it happens when you least expect it,” “enjoy this season,” “singleness is a gift” and, of course, “WAIT!”

But what if what you’re waiting for hasn’t come?

What if marriage doesn’t happen? And what do you do when you’re feeling lectured-out, dated-out, waited-out, and, quite frankly, singled-out?

Join the movement of those who believe that…

God’s plans are not limited to a relationship status, that singleness can be enjoyed instead of endured, and that all of us can experience a love greater than romance, a life bigger than fairytales, and a purpose for which you may have been

singled out.

What if single living is about more than preparing for marriage?

Learn how to be a married person through an evolving learning journey of faith, friendship, and flying solo

Don’t spend another moment of your life thinking you are incomplete because of your relationship status. Singleness is a life to be lived, not a problem to be solved.
— Karissa Sovdi